"Pinoy Musika" introduces some of Hawai`i's best young Filipino talent, singing in Ilocano, Tagalog, and other Filipino dialects. The eight women and four men who participated in this recording have all had professional vocal training; some have won singing competitions, while others have sung professionally either here or in the Philippines, prior to moving to Hawai‘i. Local TV and radio personalities Lanai & Auggie complete the package with their song "Sweet Balut."

Producer Kale Imua says "'Pinoy Musika' is about being Filipino and loving music. It's also about giving Filipinos in Hawai‘i an opportunity to... display their love of music and their community, while preserving their culture in song, so that future generations of Filipinos may [be instilled with a pride for] singing in Filipino dialects as well as in English."

Album Tracks:

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  1. Dagiti Ladawan
  2. Say You'll Be The One
  3. Dahil Mahal, Mahal Kita
  4. Musika
  5. With All My Heart
  6. Akoy Babalik Sa Lyo
  7. Girl It's You
  8. Nandito Ako
  9. Iliw
  10. I Guess You'll Never Know
  11. Ilocana
  12. Sweet Balut

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