"Honihoni" features the popular Kona, Hawai‘i band Mele, G, & Company, past winners of Steinlager's Big Island Battle of the Bands. Lead singers Mele Delaries and Gerald Farm, Jr., (a.k.a. "G"), both from musical Island families, have paid their dues, entering - and often winning - karaoke competitions, including KHON-TV's Hawai`i Stars.

"Honihoni" introduces non-Kona party animals to three Island-flavored originals and seven spiced-up cover songs. "Mele, G, & Company's sound is a fresh mix of contemporary pop and island reggae that will have you up and dancing. The party starts here and now!" – John Burnett, "Island Beat," Hawai‘i Island Journal.

Album Tracks:

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  1. Honihoni
  2. Come Hula With Me
  3. Push Push
  4. Mr. Reggae (I Hear Music)
  5. Lava Lava
  6. Groovin'
  7. Pretty Little Sugar Pie
  8. I Can See Clearly Now
  9. Under the Boardwalk
  10. When You Tell Me That You Love Me

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