Steve Wofford and Phil Keat's musical relationship dates back to the mid-70s and the roots of what is known as contemporary Hawaiian music. Their paths first crossed when Steve joined a band called Country Comfort, debuting as their lead singer, bass player and song writer ('I Want You To Know" and "Good Weather") on the group's second album. The recording contained Phil's composition "I'll Be (Staying Here With You," the first of his songs to be recorded.

With the demise of Country Comfort, Steve and Phil formed The Wofford-Keat Band and in 1979 released their first album, which included "Cheri" penned by Phil Keat. The song was later covered by the Peter Moon Band with Steve Wofford singing vocals and the song was an instant hit with local audiences.

Over the years, Steve and Phil continued to play, sometimes together, sometimes with other bands. "Take A Chance" represents a reunion of The Wofford-Keat Band featuring Steve's signature vocals and Phil's music and lyrics, and embodies their take on 90s contemporary Island music. The lyrics evoke feelings and desires we all share since, at one time or another, each of us has fallen in love. Those lyrics are included in the CD package.

Album Titles:

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  1. Don't Look Back
  2. Smile For Me
  3. Day to Day
  4. The Way That I Love You
  5. Don't Let Your Goodbye Stand
  6. Three Deuces
  7. Open Your Eyes
  8. Take a Chance
  9. From Today
  10. Love Should Be Easy
  11. I'll Be (Staying Here With You)

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