"Songs in the Hawaiian language for children to sing and dance were practically non-existent before Auntie Alice Namakelua and Auntie Mary Kawena Pukui got busy. Before, children would be taught adult songs, more or less suitable...or English language songs...Pre-discovery, only adults were trained in serious matters of chant and hula. Times have changed. These 14  songs, all child-tested and approved, all easily learned and enthusiastically performed, all recorded here for the first time...will no doubt be appropriated by grown-ups too. (Some have, already.) The composers...two of the most charming and remarkable ladies in these Hawaiian islands...recall their own childhood days, and invite you to join in sharing that time of wonder...whether you are a child yourself, or remember being one." – Jean Sullivan, from the 1965 liner notes. ((P)) The attractive 20-page color CD booklet includes illustrations as well as the composers' original lyrics and translations.

Album Tracks:

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  1. Kama'a Hou (New Shoes)
  2. No Tutu (For Grandma)
  3. Moa (Chicken)
  4. Ku'u Papale U'i (My Pretty Hat)
  5. Lele Kowali (Swing on a Swing)
  6. Na Hoe Wa'a (The Canoe Paddlers)
  7. Pi-A-Pa (Alphabet)
  8. Ku'u Pupu Kau Pohaku (My Shell on the Rock)
  9. Ukulele Kani (Sounding Ukulele)
  10. Ku'u Manu (My Bird)
  11. Ku'u Lupe (My Kite)
  12. He Mapala U'i Ka'u (I Have Pretty Marbles)
  13. Ku'u Wa'a (My Canoe)
  14. Kilauea (Volcano)

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