Hawaiian falsetto singing (leo ki'e ki`e) is a musical gift to both the singer and the listener. Singers who have mastered this difficult Hawaiian art form, have mesmerized audiences worldwide. Predominantly sung by men, leo ki`eki'e was inspired by early Hawaiian chants, songs and yodeling of immigrant cowboys and Christian hymns.

The ha`i (vocal break) heard in Hawaiian falsetto singing is intentional and related to yodeling. Where Europeans and most American singers would strive for a smooth transition, Hawaiian singers use the ha'i, or split note, to emphasize or express emotion in their songs.

Three falsetto competitions, limited to amateur singers, are held annually in the state as part the Aloha Festivals celebrations: Thin Spiritthe Big Island's Clyde Storytelling and Falsetto Singing Contest; 0`ahu's Annual Aloha Festivals Hawaiian Falsetto Contes and Maui's Richard Ho`opi 1 Leo Ki`eki`e Contest. Winners of each contest receive a recording contract with Hula Records. These contests help to keep leo ki'eki'e alive - nurturing and ensuring its survival for generations to come.

This CD compilation features the 2004 contest winners: Matthew Kupuka`a (Big Island); Ruben "Kai" Ho`opi`i (Maui); and Lawrence Pau (0`ahu). They sing about aloha: aloha 'aina (love for the land), aloha for a sweet newborn baby, and aloha for one's cherished sweetheart. Each of these gifted performers present their musical selections in their own individual style for your enjoyment.

Album Titles:

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  1. Lawrence Pau Hau`ula
  2. Matthew Kupuka`a Kaloaloa
  3. Kai Ho`opi`i I Kona
  4. Lawrence Pau Ku`u Hoa
  5. Kai Ho`opi`i Kahakuloa
  6. Matthew Kupuka`a Pua Lililehua
  7. Kai Ho`opi`i Ipo Hula
  8. Lawrence Pau Ke Ahi Wela
  9. Kai Ho`opi`i Ka Lehua I Milia
  10. Lawrence Pau Pua Lilia
  11. Matthew Kupuka`a Ku`u Hoa Hololio
  12. Matthew Kupuka`a Kahealani

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