HAWAIIAN FALSETTO is a remarkable and unique musical artform performed by both men and women. On this CD, male falsettos raise their voices into their highest vocal registers, moving back and forth from alto or tenor to soprano with amazing and graceful ease, mesmerizing their audiences.

The origins of Hawaiian falsetto singing are unknown but many influences are acknowledged: Hawaiian chant, choral hymns of the missionaries, and music of the Mexican vaqueros. The latter certainly had a profound effect, introducing string instrumental accompaniments and new harmonies. Over 100 years ago, these influences blended together and produced the exceptional music today known as leo ki'eki'e (literally, high voice), Hawaiian falsetto.

The Aloha Festivals Falsetto Singing competitions were created to perpetuate the art of leo, ki'eki'e no nä kamali'i (for our children). The first of these annual friendly competitions to he established was the Clyde "Kindy" Sproat Storytelling and Falsetto Singing Contest on the Big Island of Hawaii, founded in 1991. O'ahu's Frank B. Shaner Hawaiian Falsetto Contest followed in 1994, and a Maui competition, the Richard Ho'opi'i Leo Ki'eki'e Contest was added in 2003. Winners receive a prized recording contract with Hula Records.

We are honored to work with all the talented falsetto singers and enthusiasts that contributed to the production of this 5th compilation of contest winners. And we are proud participants in the perpetuation of Hawaiian falsetto singing for na kamali'i - Lynn Makalani Oakley

Album Titles:

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  1. Imipono Cabrinha Ku`u Lei Hoku
  2. Matthew Sproat Eo Wai`anae
  3. Kamaka Fernandez Puamana
  4. Matthew Sproat Lae Lae
  5. Imipono Cabrinha Manu `O`o
  6. Kamaka Fernandez Haleakala Hula
  7. Matthew Sproat Leimana
  8. Kamaka Fernandez He `Ui
  9. Matthew Sproat Pohai Kealoha
  10. Imipono Cabrinha Green Lantern Hula
  11. Imipono Cabrinha Puna Ku`u Aloha
  12. Kamaka Fernandez Hanohano Olinda

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