Hawaiian falsetto singing (leo ki`eki`e) is one of Hawai‘i's greatest contributions to musical culture. As part of the Aloha Festivals celebration, two friendly and tremendously enjoyable falsetto competitions occur annually: Hawai`i Island's "Kindy" Sproat Falsetto and Storytelling Contest and O‘ahu's Frank B. Shaner Falsetto Contest. The winners of each event earn a Hula Records recording contract. The contests and recordings are integral in keeping the art of falsetto alive.

2002 winners, Hilo-born and raised "Kaniala" Masoe and Hawai‘i transplant Gary Medeiros, who now calls California home, sing four falsetto favorites each. Popular past falsetto contest winners "Chan" Abenes and Stan Priddy – also heard on other volumes of this Hoku Award-winning series – round out the album with two songs a piece.

" Aloha Festivals Falsetto Contest Winners, Vol. IV" is a perfect CD for falsetto enthusiasts and hula dancers alike.

Album Titles:

(press play to hear samples)

  1. He' Ui (Gary Medeiros)
  2. Lahela Ku'u Poki'i ("Kaniala" Masoe)
  3. Pohai Kealoha (Stan Priddy)
  4. Ku'u Lei Hoku ("Chan" Abenes)
  5. Alekoki ("Kaniala" Masoe)
  6. Ho'onanea (Gary Medeiros)
  7. He Aloha No 'O Wai'anae ("Chan" Abenes)
  8. 'Alika (Gary Medeiros)
  9. Waikaloa (Stan Priddy)
  10. 'Akaka Falls ("Kaniala" Masoe)
  11. KHBC (Gary Medeiros)
  12. Kalama'ula ("Kaniala" Masoe)

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