We're proud to introduce you to the year 2000's winner of the Frank B. Shaner Falsetto Contest: Rayburn "Chan" Abenes. "Chan" performs Lena Machado's "Ipo Hula" (known as "The Sweetheart Hula") and five of his own compositions. Six past grand prize winners from the Big Island's Clyde "Kindy" Sproat Falsetto & Storytelling Contest (Kalei Bridges, Akoni, "Bulla" Kailiwai), and O‘ahu's Frank B. Shaner Falsetto Contest (Sam K eli‘iho‘omalu, Chauncy Bermodez, Stan Priddy) add their sweet leo ki`eki`e (falsetto) voices to the album, making it a perfect introduction to the uniquely Hawaiian art form.

Album Titles:

(press play to hear samples)

  1. He Mele No Ka Popoki ("Chan" Abenes)
  2. Ha'upu (Sam Keali‘iho‘omalu)
  3. Ka Lehua I Milia (Chaundy Bermodez)
  4. The Cowboy Hula ("Bulla" Kailiwai)
  5. Aloha Kapanai'a ("Chan" Abenes)
  6. Ka 'Ano'i (Kalei Bridges)
  7. I Kohala ("Chan" Abenes)
  8. Kaulana Uapo O Hilo (Akoni)
  9. Ko'u Kaikaina ("Chan" Abenes)
  10. The Sweetheart Hula ("Chan" Abenes)
  11. Aloha Ka Manini (Stan Priddy)
  12. Ka Wahine O Waiehu ("Chan" Abenes)

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