Hawaiians place a very high value on falsetto singing (leo ki‘e ki‘e). Predominantly sung by men, magnificent musical notes are reached in the highest registers of their voices. Each singer has his own distinctive style. Slack key (ki ho‘alu) and steel guitar are notable musical extensions of falsetto singing, instrumentally imitating the falsetto voice. All three are uniquely Hawaiian, celebrated and enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

Winners of 1999's annual Aloha Festivals Clyde “Kindy” Sproat Storytelling and Falsetto Singing Contest and the Frank B. Shaner Hawaiian Falsetto Contest all received a prized recording contract from Hula Records. As our makana aloha (gift of love) to you in honor of this year's Aloha Festivals, we present this compilation by some of the contests’ finest participants. This CD brings you classic renditions of beloved songs, which are part of the fabric of Hawai‘i's celebrations.

Featuring Chauncy Bermodez, Kamakele "Bulla" Kailiwai, Stan Priddy, Saichi Kawahara, William "Billy" Gilman, and from Japan, Kichizo Matsutani.

Album Titles:

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  1. I Ali'i No 'Oe (Chauncy Bermodez)
  2. Honaunau Paka (Kamakele "Bulla" Kailiwai)
  3. Nani Kaua'i (Stan Priddy)
  4. Nani Hanalei (Saichi Kawahara)
  5. He Punahele (Billy Gillman)
  6. Hula O Makee (Kamakele "Bulla" Kailiwai)
  7. Kamalani O Keaukaha (Kichizo Matsutani)
  8. My Lovely Flower (Stan Priddy)
  9. Kui Tree (Kichizo Matsutani)
  10. Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua (Chauncy Bermodez)
  11. Hoe Hoe Na Wa'a (Saichi Kawahara, Vern & Vince Fernandez)
  12. Hawaiian Wedding Song (Billy Gillman & William "Baba" Alimoot)

Item CodeAloha Fest Falsetto Winners, Vol. I
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